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How to Attract (and retain!) Millennial Tenants

For the past seven years that I have been a landlord, I have ONLY had millennial tenants.  Millennials are 56% of the tenant population, so that isn't unusual.  However, as I gained a relationship with each of my tenants, I learned what it is that drew them to my apartment.  While 62% of millennial tenants are likely to move after the one-year lease, I managed to retain nearly all of my tenants for 2+ years. How do you attract & retain millennial tenants? You need to be in the right location with the right amenities available.  Millennials value walkability, pets, and ease of communication. 1.  Choose an investment property location that is walkable.   My property is in Evanston, IL, which is close to Northwestern University, beach, trains, downtown Chicago, and walkable to shops and restaurants.  In short, very walkable and eco-friendly.  Additionally, millennials are more environmentally conscious than other generations (thanks, guys.  We need that.), so t

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