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What are the ways we can utilize social media for lead generation?

Not too long ago, I was requested to answer a question on Quora that I thought my audience would find interesting.  We all use social media, but, how do we gain leads from social media?  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest - they are not black holes where your content disappears after posting.  You can use those platforms to build your list and grow your business. 
Here's how...
You need to do a few things before you build your business’ social media following. Develop your brand.What are the aesthetics (color scheme, social media header, profile headlines, etc)What is your tone? Will your “voice” be playful? Authoritative? Friendly? Supportive?Curate content your audience will love.Here’s a worksheet on how to figure out WHAT your audience wants to read.Start writing content your audience cares about. The worksheet above can help you with that too.
Do your research.What social media platforms is your audience on?How do you figure that out? Go on places like Quora, Reddit, Fac…

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