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3 Mistakes I made Selling My First E-Product

A few years ago, I was selling an e-course on growth hacking your Instagram.  I had grown my Instagram from 100 to 2,000 followers in 2 weeks with a little formula that I decided to teach others.  It was valuable.  It worked.  The followers just flowed in.  But, it didn’t sell like I thought it would.  In hindsight, I know why.

I didn’t even know what a sales funnel was.I have been in marketing for over a decade.  I can build your brand and get you a following so fast your head will spin, BUT, sales?  I knew nothing.  A lot of people knew about my product.  I had guest blogs written about it.  I had people talking about it on social media.  I had a Facebook group dedicated to people who wanted to learn it.  By all means, I had the audience begging me to sell it to them, but I couldn’t actually get people to click the purchase button.

What was I missing?  I needed a perfect sales funnel.  I was in the business of getting products and services known.  Once they did, I sent the leads to s…

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