Cubicle Makeover

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Cubicle Makeover[/caption]

The standard gray, drab cubicles will suck the soul out of you.  My soul has been sucked more than once!  They're boring and I have a creative job.  I can't be dragged down by corporate yawn decor.  We recently remodeled our company building and - woo.  hoo. - we got new gray, soul sucking cubicles.  I decided to dress mine up.  I work in the office 3 days a week, and then at home 2 days a week.  I wanted people to know just who owns my cube when I'm gone.

Here's my "office..." redecorating tips:

1.  Choose decor with personality -  I love dry, sarcastic humor, so I chose a "Cubicle Sweet Cubicle" sign from Etsy.  Here's the one I have (it's only $6!!).

2.  Pick a theme - I'm all about a theme.  My son's room is world travel themed (I'll blog about that later).  I chose blue.  Not much of a theme.  Some would dare to say, not a theme at all.  Suck it.  It's theme-esc.

3.  Load up on pictures - I have a ton of photography and a weird amount of clocks (maybe I have a thing for clocks?) at home, so I brought them here.  Now, people know exactly whose house (cubicle) this is when I'm not in the office!  My face is all over it.  I'm territorial; what can I say?

Do you have tips on dressing up the old cubicle?  Comment below!

What I listened to while writing:

Grand Optimist by City and Colour

Go by Avalanche City

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