Pumpkin Cake Recipe - Fit or Flab Friday

pumpkin cake recipe

Fit or flab Friday is a toss up.  On Fridays, maybe I'll feel motivated to do a fitness or health blog, OR, maybe I'll feel a little slothy.  It has been stupidly cold today in Chicago, so, flab wins!

I have made this recipe more than once, which is really saying something because I hate cooking, baking, and everything in between.  The husband keeps me from starving.  For real.  If he's not home for dinner, I stare at the fridge like it's a mystical thing I can't figure out or I order pizza.  Anyway - we're making pumpkin cake today!  It's easy and (a wee bit) healthier than regular cake.  Pumpkin has vitamins and fiber, so less guilt (?).

I, personally, buy boxed cake batter.  To make pumpkin cake, you add a can of pumpkin and a couple splashes of pumpkin spice seasoning to your batter (egg, oil, water - whatever it says on the box), mix together, and bake as directed  Let it cool and add cream cheese frosting because cream cheese frosting makes everything better.  BOOM, pumpkin cake.  Not only is it delicious, but it is moist and a bit more nutritious.

If you are a little more domestic than me, and most people are - man or woman - try this pumpkin cake recipe from scratch from allrecipes.com.

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