Work Week Style: Week 3, September Inspiration Board

This week, I am obsessing over vintage-inspired clothes, mainly the early 70s and cute office decor.  I have been hauling up in my home office way too often lately, and it is a mess.  It is driving me insane.  Plus, looking at all of the other bloggers' offices makes my green monster twinge.  I would love to know how they get away with a sparse desk.  I have two monitors, a laptop, a docking station, and two phones.  How do they have a cute notebook and a pile of books on their desk (exclusively!)?  Oh well, that drove my week 4 inspiration.

workplace fashion1.  Forever 21 Skirt | 2.  Forever 21 Statement Necklace | 3.  Forever 21 Hat (side note:  I just bought it today!) | 4.  Office Freaks paper weight (inspired by my baby boy, Jax!)

What I listened to while writing:

My mother in law yelling at me from the other room.  She'll get 10 points if she notices I wrote this ;)

Sarah Smirks, documenting baby's accomplishments

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