Workout You Can Do With Your Baby! Fit or Flab Friday

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When Jax was a tiny, tater tot, I used to work out with him on the regs.  Now, he's giant and I can't rep the nugget like I used to, but here's a glance at the workout routine I do with him (not as many reps as I used to!):

1.  Dance!  I still do this with my giant sack of potatoes.  We turn on some music, I pick him up, and we dance all over the house.

2.  Squats!  I squat while holding him.  I prefer the ballet-type squats (I'm sure there's a technical name for it; feel free to let me know what it is!).  The ballet squat: 1) Your toes are pointed out 2) You squat low.

3.  Crunches!  I use Jax as my weight as I do crunches.  I hold him to my chest and sit up, working that core a little harder.

4.  Arm reps!  As I do my squats, I hold him and raise him up and bring him down.  He's 23 pounds now - it kills!

Here are some YouTube workouts I also did a lot when Jax was younger:

Lauren Brooks |  Working out with Baby

BabbaCo | Post-Pregnancy Exercise

What I listened to while writing this:

Jax was chilling with me, so we listed to If You're Happy and You Know.  I kid you not, the dude had a dance routine to go with it.  News to me!!

Sarah Smirks, documenting baby's accomplishments


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