Homemade Cleaning Products

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When I learned that I was pregnant, I decided to move away from harsh products around the house.  As the child of ultimate hippies (they traveled around the country in a van with their dogs, need I say more?), I learned from an early age that products from nature can be just as effective as chemical products, but better for you.


Sore throat:  Gargle cayenne pepper in warm water, almost instant relief.

Facewash:  Baking soda and water as a face scrub (my skin is never so smooth as when I use that).

Irritated Eye:  potato cut in half and placed on the eye - just kidding!  That was a fail.  My dad did that when I got a contact stuck in my eye and it hurt like hell and did not help.

Back to the cleaning products

All purpose cleaner:  Mix white vinegar, water, dish soap, and maybe just a little essential oil scent.  It will clean anything beautifully.  My stove shines when I use it.  Plus, safe to use on any of your baby products.

Window Cleaner:  Use white vinegar and water, leave out the dish soap.

Wood floor cleaner:  Use the mixture for the all purpose cleaner and add a splash of olive oil.

Stuck on mess?  Use baking soda and water as a scrub.

This is tried and true.  I use these recipes for my cleaning products, exclusively.  Side note:  If you're concerned about the white vinegar smell, as soon as it dries, you can't smell it anymore.

What I listened to while I wrote:

Football, my H yelling, "Yes!!"  I guess da Bears did something good?

Sarah Smirks, documenting baby's accomplishments


jennriquez1 said…
You're doing such a great job! I check out your blog everyday :) I switched to your homemade vinegar cleaner a while ago and I love it! Much cheaper and works great! I'm still all about the baking soda for my face and now I moisturize day and night with straight coconut oil ;) have you tried homemade baby wipes? (They're a cinch to make and are a nice make-up remover). Love you!!
Sarah Noel said…
Thanks, Jenn! I miss having my fellow diyer around :(. I definitely thought of you when I added the baking soda face wash to the blog. Thanks for turning me on to that. It works so well! I haven't tried the coconut oil for a moisturizer yet - afraid I'll break out. No problems with that?

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