My Weekend - Wedding and Family Time

On Mondays, I usually write about my work week style inspiration, but today I'm veering off my schedule.  My weekend was too jam-packed to faux shop.  Today, I'm talking about my weekend and fall wedding style.

On Saturday, we had a friend's wedding to go to.  It's rare these days that we get to dress up, AND, we have never gone to a cold season wedding, so we were excited to compile a fun fall formal style.  I went with a red and black quarter sleeve dress (Sonoma, Kohls), and Kyle wore a gray suit with a red/plaid shirt to complement my dress.

fall wedding styleMy hair inspiration was a photo of Lauren Conrad from her wedding.  I must admit, I made a half-assed attempt because it was snow/raining on Saturday, and I figured the curl would fall anyway.

[caption id="attachment_168" align="aligncenter" width="236"]wedding hair inspiration Photo via Pinterest from US Magazine[/caption]

For my nails, my co-worker did the coolest matte gray manicure for me (Thanks, Vicky!).  I don't like girly nails.  I don't know why, but my nails are usually way trendier/cooler than the rest of me.

wedding nails, trendy nails, cool nailsWe had a blast at the wedding!  The bride was beautiful, speeches heartfelt, and the decor was gorgeous.  To top it all off, they had a candy bar and photobooth!!

Photobooth CollageJax had his own fun.  He had a sleepover with my parents.  His nana went toy crazy, and filled the house with toys, toddler friendly food, and they even baby proofed.  They certainly made him feel at home.  So much so, he didn't even look back when we left (ouch).  They danced, played, read, and carved pumpkins.  He had an amazing time, and I am so grateful that he has family that loves him so much, and makes an amazing amount of effort to make him feel that love.

pumpkin carvingThat was my weekend round up!  Today, Jax has more family time, he stayed home from daycare today to hang out with his other grandma and his Aunt Kendyl!  He's such a lucky boy to have a family so in love with him.

What I listened to while writing:

Eric and Kathy on 101.9 The mix!

Sarah Smirks, documenting baby's accomplishments


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