Appreciating the Moment

Baby HugsI was reading a post from the blog, "The Waiting," about a fact she saw on one of those dumb lists we can never resist.  The fact was, "At one time, your parents set you down and never picked you back up."  Something about that just kicked me in the feels - which was pretty much my exact comment on her post.  It just gave me yet another reminder to appreciate the small moments with my son.  He's fourteen months, and growing more independent everyday.  I have a faint memory of when he actually wanted me to snuggle and hold him.  Now, he struggles and twists out of my loving death grip.

Yesterday, J was sick and I finally got those snuggles I wanted so desperately.  He laid down with me, cuddled, slept, and hugged me.  He even gave me his little baby slobber kisses.  It's rare these days.  He is sick a lot, so normally I work from home when he's sick, but yesterday, something made me want to call in (maybe because I wasn't feeling great either), but I took a personal day instead of working from home.  I took the time to cuddle with him, play with him, pay attention to him.  When he's sick, all he wants is love, but I just want to get my work done.  I took the time to give him my full attention yesterday, and it made me happy.

My point to all of this is - yes, we have our work, we have our partner, we have our social life, we have our need for me time - but don't forget to appreciate those moments with your child.  They won't always want to hang out with you.  They won't always want to be affectionate with you.  Take that love, they're willing to give now.  Absorb it.  And then, when they're pushing you away later, don't let them.  Love them more.  Provide more affection.  Listen to what they have to say.  Appreciate them -  for every moment of their life is fleeting and every moment must be cherished.

Hold your baby now.  F*** the back problems.


Robyn said…
This is so true, keep loving them like that, and when there teenagers they'll still be sitting on your lap!
Sarah Noel said…
Perhaps into their 30s as well... :D

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