Toddler Boy: Hipster Style.

Toddler Boy Hipster Style

1.  Fair Isle Sweater, Gap | 2.  Waffle Sweater, Gap | 3.  Jack Spade <3 GapKids Jeans | 4.  Straight Cords in Worker Brown, Gap | 5. Plaid Flannel Shirt, Gap | 6.  Sherpa Animal Hat, Gap | 7. Warmest Snorkel Jacket, Gap

Now, you may be wondering, "Why all the Gap?"  Well, besides the fact that it is my absolute favorite toddler boy store, they are also having a sale!  Use the promo code "CHEER" at the checkout for 40% off!!

What I listened to while writing:

J pulling papers out of the filing cabinet....thanks, dude.

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