The Power of Words

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My keyboard is my piano.  When I'm writing, no matter how eloquent the topic or "voice" is, I feel like I am composing something bigger than myself.  When I get to tell you a story about dancing and screaming the lyrics to Centuries because my baby is driving me absolutely insane, I know that some of you have gone through exactly the same thing and that you might feel a little better knowing that I went insane too.  You aren't alone.

Being a mom can feel isolating sometimes.  A lot of my friends don't have kids, so we have suddenly gone into different stages of our lives.  I can't blame them for not calling when they go to the bar anymore.  That's a learned behavior for them because I can't.  They have gotten enough, "I'm sorry, I can't" responses to know what my answer is 90% of the time.  I can't be spontaneous anymore.  I need a ridiculous amount of notice in order to get my life in order enough to leave my routine for a night.  So, naturally, sometimes I feel a little isolated.  When I feel like a shut in, writing is my therapy.  Writing to you helps me feel not so alone anymore.  I'm not alone.

That's what writing is to me.  When people ask me why I write a blog on top of all the other responsibilities I have, this is my answer.  I love to feel connected to people through words.  I love to hear back from my readers and know that they feel better because of something I wrote.  We aren't alone.

So, for those wondering why I write this blog when I work full time and have a family to take care of and some semblance of a social life to maintain, I refer you to this: The power of words goes beyond stringing a subject, verb, and object together into a complete sentence.  A single sentence can rock you to your core.  A single sentence can change your mind.  A single sentence can make you believe.  A single sentence can change your mood.   And having the power to touch people in that way is addicting.

What I listened to while writing:

Bad Romance by Lissie

Happy by Gardiner Sisters

No One's Gonna Love You by Band of Horses

Wonderwall by Ryan Adams

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