Work Week Inspiration Board: Week 2, January

Brrr - it's freezing outside in Chicago.  This week's inspiration board is all about layers and keeping warm, while looking cute.  Enjoy!

Week 2, January

1.  Sequin Front Crew Neck Sweater, Express. | 2.  Gingham Portofino, Express | 3.  Studio Stretch Columnist Pant, Express | 4.  Target Fleece-lined leggings for under those pants - keepin' it warm |  5.  LL Bean Camp Socks, wicks away moisture and quick-drying.  Perfect for when the snow seeps into your shoes/boots.

Picture the sweater layered over the gingham button down - yes, please!  The fleece leggings and camp socks are warm, but out of sight.  Perfect Chiberia outfit.

What I listened to while writing:

Pumpkin Blood by NONONO

Chandelier by Kina Grannis

Wild Ones by Bahari


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