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happyWe don't always take time out of our day to feel the blessings of our lives.  As a lover of punishment, I read a blog, Cocktails and Chemo, written by a former high school classmate's wife.  She is a twenty-something widow with a 1 year old.  She wrote today about how she regrets always fighting about whether or not the things she did for the household were appreciated by her husband (an argument I know I have regularly!).  After reading that blog post that reminded me to enjoy the moment because nothing lasts forever, I turn on Spotify and decide to listen to the Fault in our Stars soundtrack because I love pain, obviously.  A song by Birdy (who is amazing if you haven't listened to her.  Her Skinny Love cover is awesome) came on and it talked about a voice mail that she listens to over and over and will never delete.  It got me thinking that the Cocktails and Chemo writer is probably doing the same thing.  I would save all my voice mails from Kyle if I knew tomorrow I wouldn't hear his voice.

The point of all this is that I'm in a blessed mood.  All of this made me realize I have it damn good.  Below are my top 10 things I am feeling blessed for.  Please share yours too!  Let's create a feel good train to carry us into the weekend.

1.  Kyle is very thoughtful.  He sent me flowers at work yesterday because what girl doesn't love that?

2.  Jax has been incredibly good lately.  Ever since we started with the time outs he has been an angel.  Who knew that a little parenting would go so far?....

3.  I have a lovely home that more than comforts me.

4.  Along with #3, my backyard is huge by Evanston standards and I love that we can drink beers around the fire pit all summer.

5.  My friends are amazing.  They are loyal.  I have the type of friendship that a year without talking could never take away.

6.  I am blessed with a great family.  My parents and in-laws would do anything for our little family.  They are completely selfless.  My cousins and brother and sisters are more friends than siblings (and in law siblings).

7.  We are all healthy - usually.  J gets sick quite often, but the times between illness are getting farther and farther apart.

8.  Kyle and I both have careers we love with employers we appreciate.

9.  It's mid-February - almost spring!  I love that we live in Illinois and get to experience all seasons and have the excitement of waiting for that next season.

10.  It's a weird one - but Kyle and I both feel blessed to have reliable cars.  If you've ever had a junker, you know how nice this feels.

What do you feel blessed for today?

What I listened to while writing:

Bubble by Colbie Caillat

Tee Shirt by Birdy

I'm Yours by Jason Mraz

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