Sometimes I want to SCREAM!

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J's toddlerhood is in full swing.  If his schedule is thrown off just a bit, the next day - maybe 2 - is thrown out of wack.  Yesterday we got a flat tire on our way home from a friend's house, and this was the wrench thrown into our next few days....

When making plans to go out with J we always plan meticulously.  We had planned everything down to the minute, to get him in the car in time for bed.  We changed him into his PJs before we left and everything.  We could have a clean transfer - mama's know what I'm talking about.  That perfect transition from car to bed.  It's magical.  Well, he had different plans.

He was totally content looking out the window on our way home...okay, that's fine I guess.  Don't go to bed in the car, but we'll still get home at a reasonable time for him to get to bed close to bed time.  That was - until the wrench in our plans was thrown at our heads.

The car starts making strange loud noises, the tell-tale noises of a flat tire.  We pull over and sure enough, flat.  And, icing on the cake, J is still awake.  Long story short, the tool the H needed was jammed and it took about an hour to change the tire.  J's up the whole time.  We get home 2.5 hours past his bedtime.  He passes out as soon as we put him in his crib.

The next morning he rises nice and early and the day his been a shit show ever since.  He has been insane.

Here are J's thoughts:

No, I don't want to nap.

Yes, I want everything that you have in your hand.

Yes, I will scream until I have it.

No, I don't want to eat what is on my plate.

Yes, I want whatever you're eating.

No, I don't want to be in the playroom.

Yes, I want to be anywhere that isn't baby-proofed.

Yes, I will scream to get whatever I want today.

Well, guess what, kid?  I want to scream too.  What do you think of that?

While his behavior makes me want to scream, in reality, it's on us.  We need to keep him on schedule.  We need to make sure he gets his energy worked out constructively.  We signed up for this, and it is our responsibility to make sure he has an outlet for his crazy toddler energy.

Serenity now!

What I listened to while writing:

J screaming

J pulling important docs out of our filing cabinet

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Robin said…
OMG How did I do this!!! God bless all parents, especially the mom's, since you know, we really do, do it all.
Sarah Noel said…
For real! He definitely makes us reevaluate everything we do. We're constantly discussing ways to do this whole parenting thing better. We're always strategizing!

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