Favorite Products for Traveling with a Toddler

vacation with toddlerMy little family and I have been extremely busy the past few weeks, so I apologize for going MIA on you! We planned a vacation to Florida (our first with J), and we spent last week in St. Augustine - absorbing the history, waves, and sun. It was much needed after our Chicago winter! Although, we needed a getaway SO BADLY, we were hesitant. We had never travelled with J before. He’s 18 months and a ball of energy, so the prospect of taking him on a plane and taking him out of his well-oiled machine of a routine was terrifying. However, through careful planning, sheer luck, and a few to die for products, it worked out really well!

Check out the products that made traveling with a toddler doable.

ZoomerZoomer – the Zoomer child seat adapter turns your car seat into a stroller. It is the only one I found that works with a toddler-sized car seat and not just an infant seat. The Zoomer is made for airport travel. However, it worked really well and the wheels’ turn radius was great, so we used it as a stroller on our whole trip.

LazyNapLazyNap Kids Mattress – This is a blow up mattress for your toddler. It even has guardrails and a really soft sheet. The mattress comes with a little air compressor with adapters, so, BONUS, you can use it to blow up beach toys too.

CalifoneCalifone Kids Headphones – We got the tiger headphones that fit a toddler’s head and has volume control so he/she doesn’t accidently turn it up.

BuddiboxBuddibox iPad case – This iPad case kept our iPad protected while J whipped it all over the place. Elmo on the iPad with our Califone headphones spared us many a tantrum during the flight.

What products have you used to make your vacation with a toddler easier?

Thanks for reading!

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