Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sometimes #thestruggleisreal When Trying to "Have it All"

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed.  I'm just putting it out there.  Life gets hard.  Work, mommyhood, being a wife, maintaining relationships with friends and family, trying to blog and work on side projects - it just gets to be too much.  Anyone else in my boat?  What do you do to try and maintain some mental stability through it all?

I'm losing focus and I needed a reminder today of what I do to try and keep my sanity.  Below is a list of the things I do for me to try and not lose myself in all of my roles.

1.  I write.  Nothing is more therapeutic to me than writing (hence, this post).

2.  I work out - having control over my health helps me feel like I have control over the other things in my life that I wish I had more control over.

3.  I research essential oils - this goes with the above.  Feeling like I have some control over my ails by making lotions, putting EOs in a diffuser, or just smelling them helps me cope with my problems.

4.  I eat healthy - eating a little of every color, balancing my meals for proper nutrition, and adding super foods whenever I can actually has a scientific base for stabilizing my mood - and, as a result - helping me feel better.

5.  I take a break - a good bath break.  When I'm having an especially hard day I like to take a bath with my beloved essential oils and a cup of tea or glass of wine.  Is anything better than a good soak?  Not in this girl's book.

I'm having a hard day today, so I need your help!  What do you do to make yourself feel better and in control when your life feels like it's free falling?


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Get Kardashian Curls While Working Out!

gym hairAs I've mentioned a time or two, I go to the gym during my lunch break at work.  The first few months, my hair was shot afterwards - flat and gross.  So, I thought, why not try a no-heat curl technique to keep my hairstyle?  And, you know what?  It worked better than I thought.  As it turns out, the heat from working out accelerates the curl and my hair ends up better after my workout than before (WHAT?!).

I made a little video to show you how to do this awesome no-heat gym hairstyle.  Check it out here. (Disclaimer:  My H videotaped me doing it while we were giving J a bath.  There is zero production value).

P.S. It looks a little weird at the gym, but whatever.  I.D.C.

Here is a link in case the video doesn't open for you!  No-heat Curl

Want a headband like this one?  Here's a similar one. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Girl on Girl Hate: Can’t we all just get along?

Mean GirlsA la Mean Girls – Girl on Girl Hate: Can’t we all just get along?

I started thinking about writing this post a few weeks ago when I was showing a rental unit I own. I noticed a theme arising in my showings – a woman would come to a showing and see me showing them the apartment and they were immediately turned off to the place (which is adorable) and me. And then I started reading bloggers posts about trolls on social media being mean for no other reason other than to be mean.

“You’re too skinny.”

“That girl needs a nose job.”

“Is that ombre or are your roots that bad?”

“You need to lose some weight to pull that off.”

Why are we hating on each other? Women have it hard enough as it is. Men (some, let’s not generalize) think they’re superior to us. Women don’t trust us. And, to top it off, we are harder on ourselves than anyone else can be. Anything anyone is thinking about us, we have probably already thought. I have told more than one person to not feel the need to point out my flaws, if they have noticed them, they can be sure that I obsess over them.

Can we start a movement? Can we bond together and vow to support one another? Women need to support one another. We have enough stacked up against us then to have other women trying to tear each other down. Let’s be each other’s support systems.

I vow to do what I can to support other women and bring them up. Will you?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Shadow of You

7288923500_133482d2c8_bThe Shadow of You

As you were leaving, all that was left was the shadow of you.

The shadow shows on my belly, in the sagging skin that was once taut but grew as you did.

It shows in the stretch marks on my chest that grew, but was never able to feed you.

It shows in the dark circles under my eyes from staying awake to sing you to sleep.

It shows in the worry lines that arrived when you went back to the hospital.

It shows in the love that swells as you walk away.

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