Get Kardashian Curls While Working Out!

gym hairAs I've mentioned a time or two, I go to the gym during my lunch break at work.  The first few months, my hair was shot afterwards - flat and gross.  So, I thought, why not try a no-heat curl technique to keep my hairstyle?  And, you know what?  It worked better than I thought.  As it turns out, the heat from working out accelerates the curl and my hair ends up better after my workout than before (WHAT?!).

I made a little video to show you how to do this awesome no-heat gym hairstyle.  Check it out here. (Disclaimer:  My H videotaped me doing it while we were giving J a bath.  There is zero production value).

P.S. It looks a little weird at the gym, but whatever.  I.D.C.

Here is a link in case the video doesn't open for you!  No-heat Curl

Want a headband like this one?  Here's a similar one. 


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