A One Year Old's Reading List + a Giveaway!

My son is 20 months old and LOVES books.  My husband is a teacher and I am a writer, so he really would be stickin' it to us if he didn't.  At 20 months old, he already has his favorites.  His favorite books are the ones that he can get quizzed.  He likes when we ask him to find things in the book, point out body parts, or make animal noises.

Below are his absolute favorite books at the moment - plus - I have a little bonus for you.  I have a copy of Kisses, Kisses Up and Down for one of YOU!  Contest rules below :).

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1.  Dr. Seuss' ABC book - He loves the rhyming and learning his ABCs!

Dr. Seuss's ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book!

2. Brown Bear, Brown Bear - J likes that you flip the pages up and that he can make animal noises.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

3. First 100 Words - J can say 30-40 words, and this book has a lot to do with it. For months, this was the only book he wanted to read.

First 100 Words

4. The Icky, Sticky Frog - J gets the chance to point out the little bugs and other hard to find things in the book.

The Icky Sticky Frog

5. Kisses, Kisses Up & Down - J had a ton of fun going through this book and pointing out all of the body parts being kissed in the book.

Baby Books: Kisses, Kisses Up and Down (Best Baby Books, Baby Books First Year, Baby Books First Five Years, Toddler Books, Best Toddler Books)

Enter to win a copy of Kisses, Kisses Up & Down!  All you have to do is follow @babyluvbooks & @sarahsmirksblog on Twitter and C&P this in a Tweet, "@babyluvbooks @sarahsmirksblog #SSkissesgiveaway."  If you don't have Twitter, just comment #sskissesgiveaway in the comments of this post.  It's that easy!

Please Note:  U.S. residents only.  Thank you :)

A winner will be chosen a week from today.


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Thanks for the submissions; keep em coming!
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And the winner is..... Joe Joe! Congratulations!

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