Gorgeous Gift Baskets for the New Mom and Newborn

My sister-in-law had her baby last week!  It was very exciting for the whole family.  We had a big text chain going for the 30 (!!!) hours of her labor, getting the play-by-play.  Luckily, everything turned out good in the end (the middle - not so much - but that's her story to tell), and we got a new nephew/cousin/grandson added to the family!

While she was in labor, I was in search for the perfect gift basket that would be helpful to a new mom.  I hate those joke gifts for new moms, like earplugs to ignore the crying and tic tacs because you won't have time to brush your teeth.  That's just annoying.  I thought more about the things like, my boobs hurting like crazy, not being able to walk, and feeling not-so-pretty.  I wanted to address those things in my gift basket.  Here are three gift baskets that I considered (+ one that I bought).

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1.   SimpleSincerity New Mom Basket - includes handcrafted soap, natural chapstick, oatmeal face scrub and bath soak, lavender belly rub, lavender pillow spray/toner, and 2 sets of eye pillows | 2.  Post-partum Gift Basket by Complete Natural Soaps - includes herbal sitz bath, nipple cream, & lip balm (this is the one I chose for my SIL). | 3.  Natural Mom and Baby Gift Basket by Milk of Paradise Soap - includes baby sleep massage cream, baby organic hair and body soap, nursing balm, and baby rash salve. | New Mommy Gift Basket by Melanies Apothecary - includes baby bum butter, lavender belly butter, lavender linen spray, bath tea, and chapstick,

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