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Shhh....don't tell anyone this, but....I'm not good at keeping secrets.  So, it should come to no surprise that I am writing a post on prepping my body for pregnancy.  I wrote a post awhile back about how pregnancy is like training for a marathon.  Well, we are going to be trying for baby 2 soon, so I am back in training, in preparation for pregnancy.

Here are the 3 things I do to prep my body for pregnancy.

1.  Stop taking birth control about 3 months prior to the "try" - At the end of this month, I will stop taking my birth control because we will start trying in the fall, when J turns two.  It takes about three months to get birth control out of your system.  Everyone is different of course, but that is the average, according to my OB.

2. If you aren't already, begin eating healthy and exercising regularly - Before you get pregnant is the time to get down to your body's ideal weight.  You want to make sure your body is muscular and has the right nutrients to grow a child.  I did this last pregnancy.  I made sure by the time we began trying, my body was in ideal shape for two reasons:  1) If I got pregnant sooner rather than later, I was taking care of my body to be able to nourish my baby. 2) Pregnancy and labor are hard, but they can be down right pleasant if you take care of your body.  I had hardly any pain and an easy labor, and I thank my focus on health and wellness for that.

3.  Take the right supplements - Begin taking your pre-natals as soon as you get off your birth control.  You never know if you might get pregnant earlier than you anticipated.  To help regulate your reproductive organs after getting off birth control, use Fertilify.  It's a supplement that was developed to enhance and support women's reproductive health.  It has antioxidants and coenzymes that help remove free radicals and balance hormones, improving fertility.   

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What did you do to start preparing for pregnancy?

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This post cans some affiliate links; Fertilify was provided to me for my honest review.


Carly said…
Great tips! I definitely think it's important to get to your ideal weight before you get pregnant and maintain a healthy diet and workout plan while pregnant. It makes such a huge difference with getting back to normal after the pregnancy
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Unknown said…
Thank you, Carly! Working out really does make a huge difference in getting back in shape and having an easier pregnancy. It really helped a lot my first time around.
Meghan H said…
Ugh! I just typed a comment and an error deleted it! Oh well, I'll paraphrase:

Thanks for sharing this helpful information on wellness and lifestyle for those women trying or thinking of trying... Especially important to those currently expecting! I know I was guilty of treating pregnancy like a free pass until part way through. Once I improved my diet and activities I felt worlds better. Good luck on round two!

Also, you may find this app, Kindara, as a helpful tool to track your cycle and ovulation. I started using it after I had the Mirena removed to make sure my cycles were not out of whack once off birth control. It's been pretty spot on so far. Just a thought!

Be well, xoxoxo!
Unknown said…
That's a bummer about your comment, Meghan. I hate when my comment deletes!

It really does make a world of a difference when you're working out and eating healthy. I noticed a huge difference just day to day, depending on how I was treating my body.

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