Monday, May 18, 2015

Stylish Activewear on the Cheap

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Looking stylish at the gym has become more important to me since becoming a mom.  The thing is, when I have days where I have a sucker stuck in my hair and don't have time to wash my face until noon, I need to make sure on those more normal days, I'm looking good.  So, even when I'm going to the gym, I insist on looking stylish.  However, I am unwilling to spend a ridiculous amount of money.  1.  I'm not a marathon runner.  I don't need super smart clothes.  Some simple air-wicking will do the trick.  2.  I'm cheap.  My kid takes all my money.

My favorite place to shop is Target because I can get whatever I need.  Groceries?  Check.  Clothes?  Check.  A tent if a frickin need it?  Check.  So, all of my picks are from my favorite cost-effective shopping heaven.


1.  Women's Printed Leggings - RBX | 2.  Women's Woven Capri - RBX (the cutest "sweatpants" I ever did see) |  3.  Women's Tank Top with Keyhole - RBX - bonus!  I'm a neutral girl myself, but this top comes in pink and peach too. | 4.  Women's Ingrid Tank - Tulah

inexpensive activewear, cute gym clothes, cheap and cute gym clothes

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