Summer Vibes on a Friday Night with Few Spirits

What started as a walk to the park and then off to Jewel to pick up some pizza on a Friday night turned into a memory.  While walking down Chicago Avenue in Evanston, we saw families gathered in an alley just north of Main Street.  Music and cocktails were fueling the positive vibe of the late spring night bringing summer vibes.

A band that sounded a lot like old (and better) Mumford and Sons was playing in the alley, right inside a garage opening to the distillery, Few Spirits.  String instruments were getting our toes tapping and J dancing right in the alley with all of the other kids who came with their parents.

A food truck was set up, selling empanadas.  I ordered three:  beef, dates and bacon, and spinach.  As much as I wanted to devour them, J kept stealing bites (will I ever have a meal of my own again?).  They were delicious!  If you see the empanada truck in Evanston, stop immediately and get the entire menu.  They’re only $2.50 anyway.

Next, we popped into line at FEW Spirits – a distillery that gives off an awesome speakeasy vibe.  The line was a mile long, but with the music and food, everyone was in good spirits (get it??!) and didn’t really mind waiting in line.  We were all chatting and J was making friends with everyone in line.  Turns out, you can bring a baby to a bar – you were wrong Reese Witherspoon via Sweet Home Alabama.  I got the Citrus bourbon cocktail and my cuz got a Rose Gin cocktail.  I’m not a hard alcohol girl.  I don’t dig it usually, but – when in Rome – so I got one.  It turned out to be really good. 

The whole scene was a memory maker.  Stumbling upon a bunch of young families drinking in an alley with a cool band was definitely one of my favorite Evanston nights yet.  If you’re in the Evanston area, I recommend stumbling upon your own memory maker at FEW Spirits.


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