10 weird Things I Enjoy About Motherhood

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There was a period of time when it seemed like J was sick ALL THE TIME.  He had the flu; pneumonia; RSV; ear infections; and hand, foot, mouth about a thousand times over a six month period.  During one of these bouts with illness, J was fussing.  His stomach was bothering him, so I picked him up and BAM – he projectile puked on me.  I said, “Oh, geez” (only a reaction a mother would have) and handed J to Kyle.  J then projectile puked on him.  Kyle and I look at each other with cottage cheese-style puke dripping off our faces and start laughing our asses off.  Not the reaction either of us would have given a year earlier, but when you have kids, that’s how it goes.  You get puked, pooped, and peed on and it’s just “eh, whatever.”  While I don’t enjoy being puked on, this did get me thinking of weird things that I enjoy about being a mom that I never would have guessed.  Here’s my top 10 list – because I enjoy a list.


1.       When J cries and actually lets me comfort him (far and in between as he charges into toddler-land).

2.       When we discover a new food that J really likes.

3.       When J grabs my finger and drags me somewhere.

4.       When J holds his hands out to me to pick him up (even though he weighs almost as much as I do – haha – hyperbole).

5.       When J concentrates really hard as he colors.

6.       When J colors on his toys (this one needs explaining.  I really do hate it because I have to clean it, but he really enjoys it and looks so pleased with this creation).

7.       When J tries to say I love you, but it comes out I La La.

8.       When I see J through the window at school, but he doesn’t see me.

9.       When I see J finally see me through the window.

10.   When I watch J interact with the little munchkins in his class.


What do you enjoy about motherhood that you never expected?


Unknown said…
I enjoy watching my kids just be kids! It sounds so silly, but I love watching them just be happy and goofy and carefree!
Unknown said…
It is so fun to watch them just be their little weird selves. I completely agree, Karen!
learningtable said…
As much as I wish they were still little, I love talking with my teens and listening to their ideas. They are really so, so insightful.
Unknown said…
That's so nice to hear, Anne! I always wonder what my relationship with J will be like 10-15 years down the road. I hope it's like yours!

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