Vintage Travel Themed Room | Baby Boy Nursery

vintage room, baby room, baby boy room, travel themed roomGood morning, ya'll!  I am sharing with you my son's nursery (is it still considered a nursery when he's almost 2?).

We - unfortunately - had to create two nurseries for J in his 20 months of life.  One was an enchanted forest, and it was amazing, but we had to move.  I was so sad to see the trees being painted over in his room, but we got to make a room that was fit for his toddler-self.  This time, we made a vintage travel theme.

We knew when we designed his room, that certain items were a must.  Here's our list of must have items.

1) A fun, kid-friendly map
2) A vintage suitcase.
3) Globes
4) Postcards from places we've been
5) Adventure Awaits!
6) A styled shelf
7) Digital frame - it shows J the places we've been and it keeps him occupied when he's not quite ready to go to sleep before bed.

What are your favorite themed bedrooms?  I bought all of Jax's room décor from Etsy.  Where do you shop for your children's rooms?

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