Weekend Wrap-up | Campin' and Parkin'

Happy Monday, ladies!  I have a little weekend wrap-up for you.  This weekend we spent a ton of time outside.  J can't get enough.  Even if we just came back inside he says, "out-side."  He was feeling real lucky this weekend.

Friday we did not much of anything.  I had my Fri-date with my girl Megan (next week is FEW!).  Then, Kyle and I re-organized J's room (see the post on his vintage travel bedroom on Thursday!).  Saturday, H, J, and I spent all day outside.  We went to the park and J climbed this giant rock and I almost threw up with nerves (boys and their danger....). 

Proud, after organizing J's room.

Fri-date with Megan!

Park time.

Me, almost throwing up because we were so high!

Then we went "camping."  You'll see me writing about this a lot this summer.  I'm more of a glamper than camper.  The H and I have a pop-up that we like to go to different state parks with and my parents just bought a camper at a seasonal RV park.  This weekend, we went to their camper to celebrate the inauguration.

It should be a fun summer - boating, camping, hiking, running around on golf carts.  H's last day of school was Friday, so cheers to the beginning of summer! 

What are you looking forward to this weekend?



Megan said…
So fun! Can't wait to join in the camping adventures! - your girl fri-date ;)

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