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Flea Market Finds and Weekend Plans | Sarah Smirks
This weekend was a grand old time!  Saturday was my H's 33 birthday.  We celebrated by having friends over and going to the Evanston Fountain Square Art Fest.

Sunday we went to the Wolff's Flea Market and got some amazing pieces.  We've been searching for stained glass forever and can never find any for less than a couple hundred - no thanks.  We happened to catch someone who was packing up to leave (the VERY best time to negotiate), and boom, we got a gorgeous stained glass for $70!  The stained glass find was a bonus, but we went to the flea market with the mission to find an art piece for above our bed.  We scored big time.  We got a wall sculpture that blew my mind by some artist that I can't read his signature (looks like cgve or cyve or cjve - IDK).  Lastly, we got a ammo box from some war for J's vintage travel room.  We chose to hang it on the wall as a cabinet.  Check out our pictures below!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend :)

Fountain Square Art Festival

Fountain Square Art Festival.  J throwing a tantrum.

Evanston Art Fest
Fountain Square Art Festival

Fountain Square Art Festival

Fountain Square Art Festival

Kyle's birthday in our backyard.

Stained Glass from Wolff's Flea Market

Wall Sculpture from Wolff's Flea Market

Stained Glass added to front window.

World War Ammunition Box repurposed into a cabinet.


Megan said…
You made out like a bandit at the flea market! Awesome finds!
Unknown said…
For real, Megs! Our luck was on point!

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