Weekend Wrap-Up

baby, toddler, smileHappy Monday!

We had a busy, busy, busy week and weekend that I wanted to share.  If you follow me on Twitter, you are acutely aware that I was at BMA15 (B2B Marketing conference) all last week.  I pretty much live tweeted it.  Sorry if I was annoying :-/.  The H is a teacher and hosted 8th grade graduation two nights last week.  Needless to say, our schedules were completely thrown off, and we're exhausted!

comedy show, date nightOur exhausting week didn't stop us from enjoying the weekend though.  We had tickets to the John Mulaney comedy show at the Chicago Theater on Saturday (anyone see New in Town on Netflix?  You'll die.  So funny.).  He's from Chicago and they were doing his special taping that night, so it was very cool.

We also got to see old friends at the bar beforehand.  The Blackhawks were playing in game 7, so of course we went to the bar before the show to watch.  There, we met up with a friend we've known for a decade.  He was in our wedding and everything.  But, as life goes, we probably only see him a couple times a year now.  So, it was fun to see him. 

grandpa, babysittingJ got to hang with my in-laws.  They were sending us pictures while we were out, and he looked like he was completely soaking up the attention.  He loves to socialize!

Well, there's my weekend wrap-up and some pictures.  I hope you guys had as much fun as I did this weekend.  Let me know what you did in the comments section :) 

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Anonymous said…
Look at all that beautiful BLONDE hair in those photos! So cute!
Unknown said…
Thanks, Whitney! Good to see a fellow blondie - we're a dying breed :).

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