Why does my size (or hers) matter to you?

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I was reading a story on Scary Mommy about a man who publicly shamed a woman for breastfeeding in public.  He posted a picture of her breastfeeding in a restaurant on Instagram and Facebook, ridiculing her for breastfeeding in front of his young daughter.  The story was pro-breastfeeding, women’s rights and whatnot.  That’s great.  Until I reached the end of the story and there was a section for other stories you might like.  The first article was, “You Won’t Believe These Celebrities’ Weight Gain.”  It had a picture of Kelly Clarkson.  Is this not the most hypocritical sponsored ad placement ever?  The article tells us to not judge others and then we’re told to ridicule celebrities who have gained weight.  I am so tired of people being judged by their size.


I am skinny.  I’ve been called anorexic and bulimic.  I’ve been told to go “eat a sandwich (everyone’s fav skinny girl insult).”  I’ve been told that I look like a little kid.  I’ve been told I have no boobs.  People think its okay to judge me because I’m skinny.  It’s not.


I have heard people’s snarky side comments about overweight people.  They laugh.  They say, “Should you be wearing that?”  They say, “Should you be eating that?”  They laugh.  They laugh.  They laugh at people who have no idea they are being laughed at and I think it is terrible.  They are just people living their lives the best they can like the rest of us. 


Why, as a society, do we feel it is perfectly acceptable to judge other people based on their size?  It doesn’t affect anyone but the person living life at their size – why do they need to comment or shame them (or me.  Or you.)? 


My size (or hers, or yours, or theirs) does not have an effect on the world outside of my body.  Why should you care?  Why does anyone care about another person’s size?  As long as you’re happy, do you.  Be happy in your skin.  Ignore the haters. 


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