3 Tools to Make Life Your Bitch

3 Tools to Make Life Your Bitch | Sarah Smirks

If you're anything like me, you're a sucker for taking on too much.  I have a full, legit career as a marketing director, a blog, a toddler, a husband, friends, family - the whole shebang.  That probably sounds very familiar to you because it IS you.  We all have a lot to take on.  Even for those mamas that choose to be a SAHM; you're taking on the whole household management.  That's a job in itself.  To make my life slightly less chaotic, I'm a big fan of using the tools necessary to make my life work.  I wrote a post about outsourcing your to do list, when it no longer makes sense for you to take on those responsibilities.  For all those items that need to stay on your plate, I'm going to tell you my favorite tools to keep that shit in check.  Life doesn't have to be hard.  You just need to know how to organize it.  Here are my three favorite tools for a smoother life.

1.  Google Calendars - I have a Google Calendar for my blog schedule, life schedule, & bills.  My husband has Google calendars for coaching, teaching, and himself.  We share them with each other, so we always know where the other person is and how to schedule our day.

2.  MyFitnessPal - It's way too easy to lose site of fitness and healthy eating goals when you're busy.  To prevent this, I use my FitBit and MyFitnessPal to track my calories and exercise.  Join a FitBit challenge group, so others are keeping you accountable.  A reminder alert on your phone will be a quick, daily reminder to get moving or eat less calories.  Thank you, MyFitnessPal, I didn't need that break room doughnut, anyway.

3.  Chase Bill Pay - Setting up automatic bill payments takes one thing off my plate each month.  I always know my bills will be paid on time because I either set them up to autopay or I set up the bill to be taken out as soon as I get it in the mail.  Along the same vein, my husband and I also like Mint for organizing our money and tracking our budget.

Here are a few other great articles on organization tools:

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What are your favorite tools for organizing your life?  Please share in the comments!

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