37 Tips for a Better Work-Life Balance by The Muse

The Daily Muse editor put together 37 stellar tips on work/life balance.  Since I am working on a guest post this week for The Helicopter Mom & Just Plane Dad, I decided to give myself some balance by curating an amazing article for you!  See what I did there?  ;)

The Muse put together some awesome gems of advice like:

Outsource your chores - I'm a big believer in this.  I wrote a whole post about outsourcing to make life easier.

Set time limits for things you need to do - Need to cook dinner?  Give yourself a max of 30 minutes to do it.  Need to get through your emails?  Give yourself 20 minutes.  You'll quickly learn how to prioritize.

Set up auto-shipping for things you need every week or month - we did this for coffee and water, but you can do it for diapers and pretty much anything.

<Check out the rest of The Muse's tips here>


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