5 Best Sites for FREE Blog Graphics & Images + New Bonus

5 Best Sites for Free Images and Graphic Design | Sarah Smirks

I read a blog post once about a small time blog getting sued over using someone else's image.  Who isn't guilty of going to Google images and scanning for a good picture for a quick post?  Well, you'll notice a note on the right side of the Google image screen saying that these images may have copyrights.  And, guess what?  Many do!  I'm going to give you some of my favorite sites for royalty-free images and graphic design.  But, if you still want to use Google image, here's a hint.  In the right hand corner, go to "advanced search."  Then scroll to usage rights, and choose any with the "free to use or share."  You are good to go.  No lawsuits!

Now, to my favorite free sites!

1)  Pexels - Pexels has absolutely gorgeous photography and it is actually (for real) free.  You'll notice most of the photography from this site and M2M Marketing is from Pexels.

2)  Foter - Foter has a lot of free photography.  Make sure you follow the attribution guidelines for the photography.  Each one is different.

3.  Kaboompics -  Kaboompics is by a Polish photographer Karolina Grabowska.  She takes stunning photos of fashion, lifestyle, architecture, and more.  Best part, she gives it away.

Now that we have a couple great options for free photography, it's time to move to the best graphic design sites.

4.  Canva - Canva is my go to.  It's easy to use and provides great add-ons for infographics.  Most items are free, but some are $1.

5.  PicMonkey - This site has cool effects, lots of options for different kinds of photos, and options for making bad-ass collages.  I tend to use this for the corporate world and Canva for the blogging world.

What are your favorite sites for images and graphic design?  I'd love to add to my list!

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BONUS:  I just discovered Fab N' Free, a resource for free graphic design patterns, frames, and clip art.  It is awesome.

Fab N' Free | Free Downloadable Design Elements for Bloggers and Biz Pros | Sarah Smirks


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