Behind the Blog: Blog Goals and How to Meet Them

Last week, I talked about my blogging goals for the week and my plan to meet those goals.  I wanted to reach 500 Instagram followers and 20 Bloglovin followers.

For Instagram, I planned on working on making a cohesive profile, with similarly styled photos, following at least 5 new profiles a day, and commenting on at least 5 photos.  I accomplished my goal!  I reached 563 followers by Sunday.  One thing that helped me with this was joining blogging groups on Facebook.  We all follow each other on social media and help promote each other's posts.

For Bloglovin, I planned on adding the link to follow me at the bottom of every post and to comment more on blogs.  I did that, plus joined the blogging groups, and, as of Sunday, I have 51 followers.  I kicked that goal's butt!

My favorite blogging groups on Facebook are:
The Blog Love Project
Blog Hops & Link Parties
Show Your Blog Love

Are you new to blogging groups?  They're great to network with other great bloggers and to grow your blog faster.  There are always posts to follow each other on Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin, Instagram, Facebook, and some I haven't even heard of.  Every day, there is a post where you can post your latest blog post for comments.  Sometimes you need the support of your blogging friends to get the comments rolling.  Another perk, maybe they haven't heard of your blog before, but after reading, they start following.  Bloggers are also some of the biggest blog readers.

This Week's Blog Goals

I'd like to hit 70 sessions/day Monday-Friday.  To do this, I'll join link parties for each new post I write this week, and promote my posts multiple times on social.

For Bloglovin, I want to reach 60 followers.  I'm going to continue joining Bloglovin link parties, commenting on blogs, and, I'm considering doing a sponsorship with a similar blog.

For Instagram, I want to get to 600 followers this week.  I will continue commenting on pictures and follow the followers of similar blogs.

For Facebook, I'd like my page to reach 150 followers.  I'm going to comment on other blogger's FB pages from my blog page account and join link parties.

And lastly, for Twitter, I'm aiming to reach 1,800 followers.  I will continue to automate tweets throughout the day, follow at least 5 accounts per day, and give some Twitter love with retweets and favorites.

What are you doing to grow your blog or business this week?  What are your goals?

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