Behind the Blog: Dave Matthews Band at Alpine Valley

Hello, lovelies!  This weekend we went to the Dave Matthews Band concert at Alpine Valley.  Now, let me tell you the insane road to get there....

First, let me start off by saying my husband and I have been huge Dave fans (like card carrying members of the Warehouse) since forever.  I remember watching the VH1 top 10 on Saturday mornings waiting for the Crash video to come on in 6th grade.  When I met Kyle, he was an even bigger fan than me, so we're full on nerdy groupies together now.  We have actually planned vacations based on the tour schedule.....  I think it's important you know our level of obsession before I begin this story.

We ordered our tickets THE DAY they went on sale, of course.  We got them in the mail in March, and kept them safely in our mail bin until one day we thought, let's move them somewhere safe...  The worst phrase ever.

About a week ago, the H asks me, "Do you know where our Dave tickets are?"  I respond, "Um....I thought you picked the spot."  And this begins a solid three days of searching.  We tore apart every cranny of this old house and guess what?  We never found them!

The show was Saturday, so by Thursday, we're in a full on panic.  I go on Craigslist and email everyone that has tickets.  Ever.  Y.  One.  We've already spent $250 on the original tickets, so my soul is dying a slow death by cheapness.  I'm negotiating like I never have before.  By Friday, I suck it up and we end up meeting someone at a country club they lifeguard at, and we ponied up $250 more dollars for two new (slamming seats) tickets.

When Saturday rolls around, we drop the nino over at my in-laws, and decide to have the time of our lives.  We ate, drank, and were merry (Trippin Billies) until we were going to explode.  We made friends with everyone around us, and screamed the lyrics to every song.  Because when you spend a week looking for lost tickets, and then have to buy new ones, you gotta live it up and make it worth it.

Lunch in Lake Geneva with Grandma before the show.

Having a couple before the show with my in-laws.

J and grandpa chilling in his new school house.

Celebrate we will (Two Step), because you and me together, we can do anything, baby (You & Me) (including buy tickets to the same show twice).

Dave Matthews Band | Sarah Smirks

What bands do you have on your "must see" list when they come to town?


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