The Newbie's Guide to Bloglovin

The Newbie's Guide to Bloglovin | Sarah Smirks

If you haven't hopped on the Bloglovin bandwagon yet, get to it.  It is my favorite blog newsfeed site.  It's easy to follow your favorite blogs, find new blogs that you'll get hooked on, & you can add your own blog to the platform.

What the heck is bloglovin?  

Bloglovin is a way to organize and save the blogs you love.  It's in a newsfeed style, like Facebook.  You can just scroll through all of your favorite bloggers' posts, read, and save the ones you want to reference later.  You can also get them in your inbox with their daily newsletter (I confess, it's the only email I always open...).

What the Heck is Bloglovin? | Sarah Smirks:  The Marketing Mama Blog
Bloglovin newsfeed.

How does bloglovin work for bloggers?

Bloggers claim their blog and get a TON of benefits.  I'm a marketing girl, as we know, so the fact that you get analytics excites me to no end.  I LOVE a good graph (swoon).  Their analytics aren't any replacement for Google Analytics.  Bloglovin's analytics just track your followers, but it's still a great perk.  

Bloggers can also get a Bloglovin' button, so readers can subscribe to thier blog.  I think Bloglovin is so much better than other feed services.  It's always available to you and your readers (emails, app, website).  There's no missing a post, or readers falling off the wagon with reading your posts.

Another huge bonus, Bloglovin will promote your blog for you.  You can enable a feature that will Tweet and post on Facebook your latest blog posts.

I don't know what took me so long to post about this website that has had my heart for so long.  Really?  What took me so long?  If you have any questions about Bloglovin, feel free to comment below.  I love to hear from you!


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