5 Articles on Instagram Branding that Helped Me Grow by 500 followers in 2 Weeks

Grow your Instagram followers by branding your Instagram account.  Five of the best articles around on building a great Instagram presence by Sarah Smirks

If you've been following along on this journey-o-mine, you know that I re-branded a few months ago.  I chose to move away from lifestyle blogging and focus on what I am best at - marketing.  I read articles about it, go to conferences, listen to podcasts, watch tutorials, and actually work in the marketing field 60 hours a week.  It's what I know.  When I made the decision to focus on that, it was a no-brainer.  I have content coming out of the wazoo.

Pre-rebranding, I did not focus on social at all (funny, because I do it for work all the time).  I was writing my blog for me and my friends and family, so what did social matter?  However, now, I have a whole new audience.  I need the word to spread.  So, I began working on my social strategy.  Twitter was first.  My strategy worked so well, I'm writing a free e-book on it (you can get on the wait list for the free Twitter e-book here).  Next was Instagram, which is a work in progress.  The articles below gave me the guidance to help with my re-brand.  Pre-rebrand, I had 270 followers.  As of today, I am about three weeks into the branding of my IG account, and I am at 937.  Not too shabby for three weeks.

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1)  Instagram Hashtags that Will Triple Your Likes by Venus trapped in Mars

I reference this article every time I schedule an IG post.  She's not joking.  When I use her hashtag suggestions, I really do get more likes.  I double, sometimes triple my normal likes using these hashtags.

2)  Finding Your Instagram Voice by Love Plus Color

This was the original article I used as reference when planning my re-brand.  It's genius.  She mentions to scroll down on her IG account if you want to see the exact moment she re-branded.  I checked it out, and you can totally see it.  I've shared her article before, and she's an absolute sweetheart.  She always thanks me for sharing.

3)  Finding You Insta(gram) Groove Through Branding by Carmen of Shugar Love Blog

I am not bias, but this was a guest post done for my blog by Carmen of Shugar Love Blog.  She goes into great detail on the process she went through when she re-branded her Instagram.  She gives some great nuggets of advice.

4)  What's Your Instagram Strategy? by Little Farm Media

This was another article I used early on to help with my branding strategy.  In fact, I'm taking her e-course that starts August 31 on social.  She's damn good at it!  This is a three part series on Instagram branding.  Be sure to check our 2 and 3 for the whole sha-bang.

5)  Instagram for Business:  12 Answers to the Biggest Questions by Buffer

This article literally has the answer to every question you could possibly have.  Want to run a contest?  They have an answer.  Want to upload pictures to Instagram from your computer?  They have an answer.

I hope you find these articles as helpful as I did.

Bonus Articles:

Bonus 1:  How to Use Instagram to Research Your Ideal Audience

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