5 Articles to be a Periscope Star

Periscope resources to help you not only navigate the social media platform, Pericope, but be the best at it | Sarah Smirks | Keywords:  social media, Periscope, video, live streaming advice

Periscope is LIVE and intimidating.  But, it is beginning to be a necessity for bloggers and small businesses.  You can connect to your audience on a whole new level.  I believe that it will be an integral part of growing loyalty amongst your followers.  I started Pericoping (I'm at mama_marketer) a month ago, and it is addictive!  You feed off the energy of your audience and it's a lot of fun.  I can see if becoming a part of my branding e-course that I'm currently developing (announcement coming soon!)

This is a great article for the newbie.  Like so new you haven't downloaded it yet.  It gives all of the basics on Periscope, which are kind of necessary since it is so new.

If Alaia Williams' article was the 101, this is the MA.  This articles gives all the hot tips that most people don't know.

This was the first article I read about Periscope.  It explains WHY you should join Periscope.  Before I read this article, I thought, "No, definitely not.  I will not join ANOTHER social media platform."  And then I read this and joined about five seconds later.  She makes good points.

This article has GENIUS tips that I haven't heard anywhere else.  Did you know one of the most successful 'Scopers has never shown his face?  How about a little tip like, add your URL to your bio?  Check it out.  Like, yesterday.  

This one has some great basic tips to have a successful broadcast.  When you're live it's easy to get thrown off by little things like your phone dying or falling over while you're talking.  This gives some tips so those things don't happen.

BONUS:  I guest posted on Take Action WAHM about getting started on Periscope.  I go into the best ways to build your following and conduct a stellar first Periscope.  Click here to check it out.

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