7 Tips to Rock Out Bloglovin: The Advanced Guide

A few weeks back, I wrote the Newbie's Guide to Bloglovin.  Today, I'm going to go into more depth on Bloglovin and how to increase your followers.  Bloglovin had a challenge this month to increase your followers, so the floodgates have opened on the best ways to utilize this awesome blog feed.  Here are 7 ways to increase your Bloglovin followers.

Grow your Bloglovin followers by saving blog posts, using great images, write fun titles, & more | Sarah Smirks

1)  Save blog posts on Bloglovin.  When people look at your profile, the default is to look at your saved posts - not your posts.  So, save your posts and save a select number of like-minded posts that fit with your brand.

2)  Make it easy to follow you.  Put links and buttons to your bloglovin account in several places on your site, so it can easily be found.  I put a link to my Bloglovin account in my signature, side bar, and with my social follow buttons.  Since making this change, I increased my followers by 1,444% in 2 months.  Would it be hypocritical for me NOT to put my link in right here?

3)  Write great headlines.  Readers have to judge your posts fast on Bloglovin.  Choose a great title that will make them want to click.

4)  Choose an informative first image.  The first image in your post will be the one that is pulled into the feed.  Choose one that will make people want to click.  Make it both beautiful and informative.

5)  Choose the right time of day to post.  Look at Google Analytics to see where your readers live and what time they are on your site.  Post around that time of day.  The Bloglovin feed will automatically pull your post in right when it publishes.  My peak time is between 9am-1pm, so that's when I should be publishing my posts to get the most bang for my buck.

Use Google Analytics to Determine Your Best Time to Post | Sarah Smirks
6)  Take your blog category into consideration.  Did you know you have a ranking?  The ranking determines how often you blog is chosen as a recommended blog.  Take a look at the category you chose, and see if it still fits.  Maybe there is a more niche category that has less competition.  Go to Blog Analytics, at the top you will find your rank for your category.  I recently changed from lifestyle (I ranked six thousand and something) to design and now I'm 313.  Not impressive, but way better.

Bloglovin Category Rank | Sarah Smirks

7)  Be an active reader/commenter on Bloglovin.  I make an effort to comment on every post I read.  I always leave my link.  Now, all of my referral traffic comes from people visiting my blog from comments I left on other blogs.  I'm not doing it for that purpose, but it's an added bonus!

Do you have any Bloglovin tips?  Share them in the comments!

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