Be More Productive by Doing This One Thing

Be a ruthless, cutting machine.

Like, for real.

Be more productive by cutting out the non-important things in your life to focus on your dream | Sarah Smirks

In order to be more productive in your life, cutting out things that aren’t a priority anymore is necessary to rock out the things that are important.  I was talking to a MomBoss chick the other day about priorities.  She was telling me how her full time job, blog, and side biz on top of her family responsibilities were getting overwhelming.  Who can blame her for being overwhelmed?  That is a lot of hats to wear.  My advice, figure out what is most important, and cut out the rest.  So, naturally, her family no longer lives with her (hehe, just joking!).  She told me her full time job felt more like a chore than her blog and side biz.  I said, get your side biz and blog to a point where you can financially cut out that full time job.  Sounds easy enough, I know.  The thing is, when you have a dream AND a family to take care of, you have to hustle for a while.  You need to wake up at 4am to post blogs before going to work at 6:30am and then come home to care for your family just to start over again.  It won’t always be that way, but it will be for a little while.  Until you get to the point you can cut out the non-passion item, just know, there is a tribe that totally understands what you’re going through.  Am I right, mompreneurs?

In the meantime, cut out the non-essential items that you can.  Ask yourself a few questions:

1.       Does this task bring you closer to your dream?

2.       Does this task create a long-term impact on your life?

3.       Is this task the most valuable way to spend your time?

Be more productive by cutting out the non-important things in your life to focus on your dream | Sarah Smirks

It may seem counterintuitive, but in order to focus on my career in marketing, I had to make cuts.  I was teaching classes at night after work and taking on freelance projects in addition to my full time job in marketing and my blog and business.  Although, I was making very good money teaching and freelancing, it didn’t check the boxes for me.  Did it bring me closer to my dream?  No.  I wasn’t teaching courses about marketing, which is what I really want to do.  Did it have a long-term impact on my life?  No, it was a way to pay for vacations.  Was it a valuable way to spend my time?  Certainly at the time, but it didn’t bring me closer to my dream.  Above all three questions - that is my benchmark.

What is your dream?  What can you cut in order to make that dream happen?

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