Become a Pinterest Rock Star in 4 Steps

Sarah Smirks - How to get found on Pinterest and increase your blog or small business website through branding and optimizing.
I feel pretty confident that Pinterest is the new Google (or will be soon).  When I want to find real, VALUABLE information, I go to Pinterest first.  Google is so bogged down, it takes a long time to find the information that you need.  As a blogger or small business owner, you need to be optimizing your Pinterest profile to be found easily.  Just like we use SEO for Google, we need to use SEO for Pinterest.

Create a baller profile that gets found by following these easy steps.

1)  Start with your name - Make sure your Pinterest name and username reflect your business or blog and has keywords that will make it easy to find you.  You can see in my screenshot that I added my tagline so the word "marketing" is in my name.

How bloggers and small businesses get found and build traffic through Pinterest.  These four tips will optimize your profile to get your found easier.  Post by Sarah Smirks

2)  Summary - Write a great profile summary that concisely explains your business or blog and uses keywords that you want to be found for.  I use "branding," "marketing," and "blogging" in my summary to attract people interested in learning more about those topics.  However, if you write a DIY blog with an Etsy shop, you might say something like, "DIY blogger into making teacup cozies and scarves for my Etsy shop 'New Beginnings.'  Love gorgeous design and crafts.  Check out my blog for style inspiration."  I was able to get "DIY," "style," "inspiration," and "design" in the summary.  All words frequently searched for on Pinterest.

3)  Style your profile - If you're a blogger or small business, you need to either use your logo or profile picture that you use for all other social media.  You want people to know that this Pinterest profile belongs to you at a single glance.  Additionally, make custom Pinterest board covers so the colors, fonts, and images complement your brand.  Check out my periscope video for an explanation on how to create custom Pinterest covers.  They should be 390x290 pixels and use the same colors and fonts that you use on your blog/website and social media channels.

4)  Optimize your website images for Pinterest -   When you post a picture to your site, add a description of your post in the alt tag.  On blogger, you can find this by clicking on the photo, clicking "property," and then fill in the alt text.  You want to use keywords that people would search with on Pinterest.  A long-tailed keyword is best (long-tailed means a search phrase instead of a single word).  You can see a full post on optimizing your blog images for Pinterest here.

For more information & Inspiration:

Tailwind wrote a blog on the perfect Pinterest profile, check it out here.

Oh Joy! Is the #1 most followed person on Pinterest.  She has a gorgeous cohesive profile, a ton of boards/pins, and keyword-rich profile.  Here's her profile for some inspiration.

Maryann Rizzo is the second most followed Pinterest user.  You can see that her board covers complement one another and her profile explains what she does and how to get hold of her.

Get noticed on Pinterest by optimizing your Pinterest profile through keywords, branding, and alt text.  Post by Sarah Smirks.

What is your Pinterest strategy?


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