Blogger Interview for the Tag You're It! Series

I was tagged in a recent interview blog post by the Jonathon's Studio Blog to answer some questions about my turn to the blogging world.  To be honest, I've had to think of these questions before.  I have a great career.  I have a family.  So, of course, I get asked a lot if I'm a nut job for taking on another role.  My answer?  Yes, of course I am.  I mean, don't you know that already? ;)

Tag You're It Interview Series | Sarah Smirks

How did you get into blogging?

Before my personal blog, I was blogging for work.  I run three blogs for my company.  However, my move to a personal blog and then the blog I have today was all in baby steps.  I started reading blogs when I was pregnant because I wanted to get advice on pregnancy things and not bother all of my family and friends with my really dumb questions.  I was deep into the blog reader's world for about a year before I started mine.  I started it when my LO turned one because he was just sick all the time (not anything serious!).  He had typical pre-mature issues.  He had to wear a doc band (check out my Doc Band FAQ post); he had RSV; he had hand, foot, mouth 5 times (here's a post on how I learned to deal with it and comfort my dude); he had to get ear tubes.  It was just a lot to handle when my H and I both have full time careers.  I used Sarah Smirks as a tool to help me get through the difficult times of juggling my career with a sick kid.  It then blossomed into what it is today:  a focus on work/life balance, marketing, and blogging tips.

What Advice Would You Give a Blogger Just Starting Out?

If you want to keep going and you're serious about it, keep posting consistently, join blogger groups on Facebook, and always have great graphics.  Mine were terrible in the beginning.

What Would be Your Dream Campaign?

Since I write in a tight niche, I'd say Hootesuite or Buffer.  I think automating your campaigns are the key to success in business and blogging (or business/blogging).

Do You Have a Plan For Your Blog?

Of course!  You can read my small-scale plan here.  My big picture plan is to eventually begin offering a premium library of blogging and marketing resources and e-courses.  

What Do You Think of Rankings?

I work in marketing.  Statistics are my life.  Rankings and analytics are extremely important to me.  My goals are all based on my rankings.

That's it for the interview.  Thanks for reading!

Now, it's my turn to tag some lovelies.

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