Road to 10,000: Weekly Blog Goals & Updates, Week 7

Road to 10,000:  Weekly Blog Goals & Updates | How to increase your website and social media traffic and followers | Sarah Smirks | Keywords:  social media, Instagram, Twitter, Google Analytics, sticky posts, website traffic

Hello, my lovely, lovely ladies.  This series has been such a great way for me to set goals and feel the need to meet them.  People read this series.  And, it's pretty embarrassing when I don't meet my  goals (eek), so I work pretty hard to reach them and try new techniques.  You get to reap the benefits because I tell you what works and what didn't.  You're welcome ;).

And onto the goals...

Blog Goals from Last Week

Instagram:  1,000 Followers
Status:  Rocked it.

Oh, let me tell you how hard I rocked it.  I reached 1,171 followers (as of Sunday).  How did I do it?  1)  Chose strategic pictures to upload to my account that I know my audience would respond to.  They all go with my vintage-y vibe.  2)  I created a spreadsheet of hashtags to use for Instagram and Twitter for different audiences I'm trying to reach.  I developed this list by looking at my audience and what hashtags they use and respond to.  I also checked out Pinterest and found a few articles that list viral hashtags and day of the week hashtags.  You can find those epic Instagram articles here.  3)  I posted 1-2 times a day.  Not too much, not too little.  4)  I liked and commented on other people's IGs 5)  I joined a Twitter chat and ended up meeting some cool chicks.  We followed each other on IG.

Road to 10,000:  Blog Goals & Updates - learn how to grow your Instagram following quickly with these five steps.  | Sarah Smirks | Keywords:  social media, instagram, followers

Sessions:  90/weekday
Status:  Rocked it.

My goal was to get to 450 sessions this week.  I got to 791 sessions!  I averaged 158 sessions/weekday.  SCORE.  The reason my traffic jumped so much this week was because I wrote a popular post on the 5 IG resources that helped me grow my followers by 500 in 2 weeks.  It's been big and has been a huge driver of traffic to my site.  Funny thing is, I wrote it on a whim.  I thought, hey, why not put together the resources that have helped me so much?  Well, that worked out in my favor.  I am now putting together a mini e-course on Instagram growth to go along with this blog post.  So, I'm excited about that!

Let's take a closer look at my stats...

I had 1,294 page views, so each reader usually moved on to one other post or a landing page.  I had a 70% bounce rate, which is pretty common for a blog.

Road to 10,000:  Blog Goals & Updates | Google analytics reports showing my traffic for the week and how I met my blogging goals | Sarah Smirks

As for acquisition, my biggest driver was Pinterest, which I'm excited about.  Pinterest is one of the few traffic drivers that will still bring in traffic on older posts.  Direct was next (people who go straight to my website).  Third, was Twitter.  Check it out below.

Road to 10,000:  Blog Goals & Updates | Google analytics reports showing my traffic for the week and how I met my blogging goals | Sarah Smirks

My most popular posts were:

Blog Goals This Week

Sessions:  1,000/week

I plan on meeting this goal by making Pinterest-worthy photos for each post.  I will use Board Booster to keep my momentum going on Pinterest.  I will aim to grow my following on Pinterest (see next goal).  Lastly, I will try to write 5 posts again.

Pinterest:  300/followers

I plan on growing my Pinterest following (which is currently at 185) by adding more boards that appeal to my audience and posting frequently using Board Booster.  Pinterest recently made a change to their algorithm.  They now favor people who post frequently, and at different times of the day, so Board Booster will do it for me.  I add my pins in one full binge sesh and then Board Booster will distribute it throughout the day.  I plan on writing a post about the almighty awesome-ness of Board Booster this week.  I also plan on following the followers of my competitors.  If they like them, they should like me!

Who doesn't love to binge?  I love to binge Pinterest, binge Netflix, and binge pizza.  How about you binge read blog posts?  Subscribe to get Sarah Smirks posts in your inbox once a week!

Twitter:  2,500/followers

I am currently at 2,363 followers.  I think I shouldn't have an issue getting to 2,500 (I say that now... haha).  I plan on following people that would be my ideal audience and joining Twitter chats.  Last week I joined #NectarChat from The Nectar Collective.  This week, I will try out #ElleChat by Elle & Company.  I also finished writing my e-book this weekend!  It's called Twitter Strategy:  How I Increased my (Engaged!) Followers 4,000% in 4 months.  I should be ready to release next week and I'm excited to share.  You can sign up to be the first to get it (free) here.

Road to 10,000:  Weekly Blog Goals & Updates | How to increase your Twitter followers easily and write amazing content | Sarah Smirks

I'd love to hear your goals and strategies.  What are your goals this week?  


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