12 Articles That Helped My Instagram Followers Grow 500% in 2 Months

12 Articles That Helped My Instagram Followers Grow by 500% in 2 Months | Sarah Smirks | Keywords:  instagram, social media

A month ago, I wrote a post called 5 Articles on Instagram Branding that Helped me Gain 500 Followers in 2 Weeks.  I thought I'd make an update because there are so many great articles on branding your Instagram!  AND, because since that post, I have gotten to nearly 1,500 followers.  That is quick growth and it is all about branding your Instagram and using the right strategies to grow your following with the right people.  In fact, that is what my e-course, Instagram Growth Hacking is all about - Researching YOUR audience, finding your Insta-brand, and gaining the right followers so you get engagement.

If you want to sign up for my Instagram mini e-course, you can do that right here.  It's only $17, you have lifetime access, and it is self-paced - so, what are you waiting for?  It starts October 1, but you can sign up right now :)

Let's start out with the five articles that blew my mind in the first article.

1)  Instagram Hashtags that Will Triple Your Likes by Venus trapped in Mars

I reference this article every time I schedule an IG post.  She's not joking.  When I use her hashtag suggestions, I really do get more likes.  I double, sometimes triple my normal likes using these hashtags.

2)  Finding Your Instagram Voice by Love Plus Color

This was the original article I used as reference when planning my re-brand.  It's genius.  She mentions to scroll down on her IG account if you want to see the exact moment she re-branded.  I checked it out, and you can totally see it.  I've shared her article before, and she's an absolute sweetheart.  She always thanks me for sharing. 

3)  Finding You Insta(gram) Groove Through Branding by Carmen of Shugar Love Blog

I am not bias, but this was a guest post done for my blog by Carmen of Shugar Love Blog.  She goes into great detail on the process she went through when she re-branded her Instagram.  She gives some great nuggets of advice.

4)  What's Your Instagram Strategy? by Little Farm Media

This was another article I used early on to help with my branding strategy.  In fact, I'm taking her e-course that starts August 31 on social.  She's damn good at it!  This is a three part series on Instagram branding.  Be sure to check our 2 and 3 for the whole sha-bang. 

5)  Instagram for Business:  12 Answers to the Biggest Questions by Buffer

This article literally has the answer to every question you could possibly have.  Want to run a contest?  They have an answer.  Want to upload pictures to Instagram from your computer?  They have an answer. 

6)  Finding Your Signature Photography Style by Magnolia House Creative

This is basically my exact process for Instagram.  I created an inspiration board, did some batch photography over a weekend, created some graphics, and curated (posted other's pictures with credit) to my Instagram all with my brand and aesthetic in mind.

7)  How I Edit My Instagram Photos by Wonder Forest (Video)

This video describes how Dana Fox decided on an Instagram re-brand and how she edits her photos accordingly.  It's legit.  She shows you step by step how she makes her photos look so dreamy!

8)  Reimagining Your Instagram Feed by Wonder Forest

Remember about two seconds ago when I said Wonder Forest re-branded their Instagram?  Well, here's the article on how she decided to do that.  Look to others for inspiration.  Create a mood board and get to shootin!

9)  How to Create a Cohesive Instagram Feed by Ember and March

This article explains how to decide on subject matter in your Insta-story and what apps to use to edit.  Remember, Instagram is a visual market.  Meh-ski pictures means, meh-ski results.

10)  How to Use Instagram to Research Your Audience by Sarah Smirks

Here, I explain to you my strategy to research my potential buyer/audience and use that to influence my branding and hashtag strategy.

11)  The Dos and Don'ts of Using Instagram from Business by Jamie Delaine

This is a great one.  It has very actionable steps and did help me change some of my strategies.  One of them was to change my image location to my blog's URL.  However, I updated my Instagram app, and I can't seem to be able to do this anymore.  If you readers know why, let me know!  Either way, there are so many great tidbits of advice I was clueless about until I read this article.

12)  The Best Time to Post on Instagram by Helene in Between

This gives you pretty much a full weekly calendar of the best of the best times to post on Instagram, statistically, for the most Insta-love.  Another way to figure out the best time to post on Instagram for YOUR audience is to use Iconosquare.  It will show you a graph of the best and worst times to post based on your previous posts and your current followers (there is a ton more data available too.  You know mama loves data).

Well, my dears, that is all for now.  Use these articles to blow your Instagram up.  Remember, have a purpose and a vision in mind with every photo you post to your blog or business Instagram.  Everything must align with your brand.

And, don't forget to sign up for my Insta-course!  After October 1, the price will be going up, so get it now.  Don't you hate finding out the jeans you just bought were part of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, but now they're full price?  You don't want that feeling.


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