5 Favorite Websites for FREE Stock Photos

5 Best of the Best FREE Stock Photo Sites | Sarah Smirks:  The Marketing Mama Blog

When I first started blogging, one thing I struggled with was high quality graphics and photos.  At first, because my blog was more of a journal than anything else, I used my own, personal photos - which looked like shit.  No one wants to see my blurry cell phone pictures of my insane life except my sister in law.  When I narrowed my focus, I decided that the simplest solution to my photo problem was stock photos.  Over the years, free stock photos have been popping up left and right and it is helping bloggers and marketers make their sites look WAY more polished.  So, why not take advantage?  Here are my five favorite free stock photo sites

1)  Pexels - Pexels.com has so many high quality photos that you probably don't need to go anywhere else.  I find 99% of my photos right here.

2)  Kaboompics - Kaboompics has hundreds of royalty free photos to choose from.  They are high quality and come in a variety of subjects.

3)  Stocka.co  - Stocka is relatively new, but has a decent number of stock photos to choose from.  They are professional, by professional photographers, and royalty free.

4)  Gratisography - These photos are all taken by the same photography and are beautiful.  They're perfect if you're looking for a cohesive look for your site.

5)  Start-up Stock Photos - This site is great for business bloggers or small businesses.  All of the pictures are work related - chick on a computer, a Macbook, coffee on a desk, the kind of photography you see on this site.

What are your favorite stock photo sites?


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