Growth Hack Your Instagram with This E-course!

Did you know 80 million people use Instagram?  WHAT!?  Yes, that's a lot of people, and most likely, you audience or buyer is using it.  See the demographics below?  It is quite likely your ideal blog reader or buyer of your craft, photography, cakes, etc is within those demographics.

Sprout Social Infographic

 Instagram E-course

The Benefits of Instagram as a Marketing Tool

It's the fastest growing social media platform!

1)  Instagram doesn't pick and choose the feed.  Facebook and Pinterest have both gone the route of a smart feed, which only shows followers the most popular updates or pins.  This makes it difficult to get in front of your audience.  With Instagram, all of your followers see all of your photos.

2)  People love beautiful visuals.  Instagram gives marketers, bloggers, and small business owners the opportunity to creatively market using beautiful imagery.  You can give your buyers an inside look at your business by posting shots of your employees or a shot of a meeting with clients.  You can create graphics that represent your brand.  You can post gorgeous pictures that give the vibe of your brand.  Instagram is the best tool for really developing your brand and showing it off.  This is the platform that turns a business from a business to a brand.

3)  You can develop an intimate relationship with your audience through Instagram.  Feature customer photos using your product.  It shows potential customers people using your product, service, or blog and validates you.  The number one way people choose what company to buy from is through referrals.  An Instagram post of a customer using your product is equivalent to a referral.

So, how are you going to rock out Instagram marketing? 

Instagram Growth Hacking Mini E-Course

What do you get?

1)  This course is three modules:  
       a)  Researching your audience.
       b)  Developing your branding.
       c)  Building your following.

2)  I used to teach adults and the main thing that I know about adult learners is they need to DO.     Each aspect of this course comes with a visual, audio, and kinesthetic (do it yourself) element to ensure that you grasp what I am teaching.

3)  You get lifetime access and it is self-paced.  Take the course when you can!

4)  It's only $17.  That's nothin' for the benefits you'll receive.

5)  It starts October 1. 

 Instagram E-course


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